search engine

description is a simple low tech community based search engine dedicated to web content that doesn’t require scripts. The simplest the better as it is designed to last. It was built with:

  • no JavaScript
  • no CSS file
  • no redirects
  • no cookies
  • no images (except the favicon.ico file)
  • no HTML frames

Only server side scripting and simple HTML.

Sites referenced in this search engine can use the above mentioned technologies but it must be possible to use them without.

The intention behind a restricted content search engine is allowing navigation from limited devices or situations such as:

  • e-ink ebook readers (kobo, …)
  • server console (lynx, links, w3m, …)
  • any browser without scripts and media enabled for security, accessibility, ecological, privacy, economical,… reasons

how to use

Adding a URL is possible only when logged in. The URL must be usable with at least either links or lynx. These 2 command line web browsers can be installed for free on a wide variety of machines. One can also use mac lynx available here.

The way to score the url device compatibility is subjective to the percieved aim of the url but the principle is similar to what is explained here:

If a search is made with a browser type specified, only the urls with at least a 0 average rating are displayed.

privacy policy

The user name who added a url is visible but the email address is never visible. The password is never stored anywhere unencrypted. No cookies are used on this site. No fancy tracking is done. Privacy is a priority for us. However, we do retain the IP address records for a few months in order to be able to action in case of abuse.

terms of use

Any call for violence, racism, disrespect or any other unlawfull or immoral activity must be treated with severity and will not be tolerated. Please use the report content forms available in case you encounter anything that does not obey those rules and consider contacting us directly for any abuse report. is meant to be used for edition by humans, not robots. Some mechanisms have been put in place to prevent bots from editing content, don’t try to bypass those mechanisms as this may be treated as an abuse.

future work

Here is a small list of desired sites supporting minimal browsers:

  • free webmail
  • domain name purchase
  • online chess game
  • chat/instant messaging
  • payment/money exchange
  • street navigation map in ASCII art (similar to Mapscii but from the web browser)
  • free file sharing

If you know any url that would cover some of the above needs or if you think this list should be expanded, we would love to read about it.

If you know of sites similar to the , sharing those urls in the search engine would really help.

Translations of the site are welcome. If you would like to contribute, the current list of strings can easily be sent to you.


Use the following form to contact us for example to report an abuse, propose an improvement, …


You can contribute to our future hotel resort in Florida (just kidding of course):